Happy 31st Birthday Ellen Page Happy 31st Birthday Ellen Page
In limited theaters, on demand, and via digital HD, February 23rd, 2018!
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Love u ellen??
benson from china, China
popperlgbtqlip markheart
Tin from PonteAreas, Spain
Happy Birthday Ellen !
Laurene from Bordeaux , France
Happy 31st birthday my dear Ellen. cake heart
Mireille from Hoofddorp, Netherlands
Happy Birthday, Ellen bouquet
Wow! 31 years now, its crazy - I still remember your amazing performance in Hard Candy, Juno etc. You really go your way and made it. I am very happy for you! It is wonderful to see your development over the last 10 years heart Congratulation lgbtq All the best for you and your future kiss
Elisa from Berlin, Germany
Happy birthdaaaaayyy I love youuu! heartinlove
Jeff from Toronto, Canada
Happy Birthday, my favorite actress Ellen Pageheart
Alissa from Astana, Kazakhstan
Happy Birthday, Mrs. Page. I hope it's full of happiness and love. heart
Cody Stier from Belleview, United States
Happy 31th Birthday Ellen Page!! I'm a huge fan of you since 3 years. You're my favorite actress. I love all your movies and I love your work about Gaycation, your personality etc.

I hope you come to my land "Austria" soon (not Germany) ... peeps. smile big Enjoy your day small, love you! smilesmile bigheartballoonsbouquetpopperinloveinlovecakeblushingheartlgbtq
Christian Rom from Klagenfurt am W, Germany
You are so brave, so clever, so beautiful and so so so.. I think u understand that you are amazing. I hope that all you dreams and wishes come true ( so banal congrats but who care ).
Lol, I seriously love you, you are my angel. Happy birthday unique Ellen Page, be happy, sweetie. I hope we meet someday.lgbtqheart
Anna from Nadym, Russia
I wanted to say congratulations for the 31 years, and for all that you have done. I know you don't know who I am, well, just I'm a fan of yours for a long time. Thanks to you, I can be as I want, I lost the fear and I can be free. You've been strong and brave to come out of the closet with all the homophobia that there is in Hollywood, and you've been my example to follow from the first moment that you started to follow. You are a great actress and always you will keep being. Thank you for being my example to follow and for all that you have done.
Emma from Barcelona, Spain
Happy Birthday, an incredible person!
Your roles are the most native
Your roles are beautiful and memorable.
I love you, creative successes, wonderful projects, happy marriagelgbtqbouquet
drown in anticipation of the premiere of a new projectinloveheart
Stacey from Toronto, Canada
Dear Ellen Page,
I wish you the best moments with Emma Portner, and of course a good luck in film industry! You'll have an Oscar! heart lgbtq bouquet popper popper
Alexander from Moscow, Russia
Happy birthday to Ellen Page
??????? from ???, Russia
Dear Ellen. About a few years, I am familiar with your biography and your initiatives. I am very glad that you are so manifest their interest in acting and not only ... So ... I congratulate you on this happy birthday and I wish great progress in your creative work. Long years of existence and understanding. Kirill your Ascensionkisswink
Kirill from Volgograd, Russia
Happy 31st Birthday, Ellen!!!!
I cannot believe it has been 4 years since I became a fan of yours...cuz it literally feels like yesterday when I first watched X-Men: Days of Future Past and instantly had a crush on you.
You've done nothing but all the good things since then and you really helped me to see who I really am and accept myself as a bisexual.
I really love your movies too! I mean your filmography is filled with good to great films but Hard Candy was like, exceptionally good. It's my all time favourite movie, actually.
Basically, I think you're one of, if not the- most gifted young actors today's world has. Thank you for all the good influences you've made. I want you to know that you've inspired so many people -including myself- in a good way, that you're making a difference, that you're revolutionary.
Once again, I wish you a very happy birthday!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day kisspopperkisslip marklgbtq
Eugene from Incheon, Korea, South
Heartfelt congratulations from the faithful admirer. You are still as beautiful as ever. I wish you a happy marriage, creative successes and eternal charm. Be kind to all, because to me you have always been and remain a radiant person, for which I especially admire you popperblushingcake
Yura Ricin from Moscow , Russia
Happy Birthday, Ellen! popperpopperpopperpopper
I hope your day is awesome and that all your birthday wises come true. poppercakethumbs up
I'm looking forward to your upcoming movies and anxious to see Umbrella Academy go forward!
On the first birthday of your married life, I wish you and Emma many years of happiness together and many wonderful moments! smilelgbtqlgbtqsmile
From a loyal fan back in your hometown of Halifax. inloveinloveinlove
Wayne MacNaughton from Halifax, Canada
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Happy 31st Birthday Ellen Page
In limited theaters, on demand, and via digital HD, February 23rd, 2018!
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